How Do I Create Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) ?

Sometimes your callers will ask questions that are not found in the script. Things such as the hours of operation, location, website, and fax number are good for the agent to have to ensure your caller gets the correct information. Below will show how to add an FAQ


  1. Click the NUMBERS tab
  2. Select the LiveAnswer number that you wish to edit
  3. Once on the Agent Script, to the right you will see the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
  4. You can edit any of the standard Frequently Asked Questions or click ADD to add a new one.

You will need to be sure that your FAQ corresponds with the proper section and also Agent Script Component. An example would be the transfer option. If you have a transfer option inside of your script, you will want to be sure that you delete any FAQS that state that no one is available to take the call.



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